ADHD assessment referrals


Please read this infomation carefully if you are considering trying to arrange an assessment for possible ADHD.

The first step is to complete the two ADHD Self-Report forms at the bottom of this page and return to the surgery.  We will then review your forms and contact you regarding next steps.
If you meet the criteria we will ask you to book an appointment with a GP to discuss.

If you meet the criteria and following a consultation with our team decide to proceed with a referral you will need to exercise your right to be referred under “NHS Right to Choose legislation” .This is because currently the Oxfordshire ADHD service is closed to new referrals due to overwhelming demand.  Please see leaflet here for more information 

There are a number of providers under Right to Choose.  The policies and processes vary slightly between providers.  You are likely to be asked to complete the provider’s own questionnaires.   The provider will also ask the GP to either provide a covering letter or complete a form.  When we have collected all the paperwork the surgery will send the referral to your chosen provider.

 Whilst we don't recommend providers, the ones we use most often are;
Psychiatry UK
but there are others and you can request to be referred to those as long as they meet the Right to Choose criteria.

Please note you cannot use Right to Choose if you are:

  • already receiving mental health care following an elective referral for the same condition
  • referred to a service that is commissioned by a local authority, for example a drug and alcohol service (unless commissioned under a Section 75 agreement)
  • accessing urgent or emergency (crisis) care
  • accessing services delivered through a primary care contract
  • detained in a secure setting. This includes people in or on temporary release from prisons, courts, secure children’s homes, certain secure training centres, immigration removal centres or young offender institutions
  • serving as a member of the armed forces (family members in England have the same rights as other residents of England.

There are also restrictions on who a patient can direct their care to. The provider must:

  • a commissioning contract with any Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) or NHS England for the required service
  • have the service and team led by a consultant or a mental healthcare professional

This is a helpful website

Please fill out Form 1  and Form 2 and email to
The first form is for you to complete yourself and the second form is supporting evidence, which is to be filled out by someone who knows you well and someone who knew you well as a child (if possible).