19 Beaumont St GP Surgery to provide medical care to Botley Medical Centre patients from 1st October - FAQs

In March 2023, the partners at Botley Medical Centre gave notice on their contract to provide GP services in Botley and Kennington. We are excited to announce that from 1st October 2023 19 Beaumont St will be taking over the provision of primary medical care services to some of the patients of Botley Medical Centre.  The intention is that both surgeries will operate with a unified staff team and be run in the same way that 19 Beaumont Street currently operates.
We will offer appointments at both Botley Medical Centre and 19 Beaumont Street. 

Why are we doing this?  
We feel duty bound to ensure patients have access to good medical care close to home but we also believe that working as one, larger organisation will strengthen our ability to maintain high quality care for our patients.

How will this benefit patients? 
The new arrangement will bring a wider pool of knowledge and experience of staff, as well as provide greater flexibility and in due course enable us to offer a wider range of services for patients

When will this happen?
The patients from Botley Medical Centre who wish to become registered with 19 Beaumont Street will transfer to us on 1
st October 2023.  

 Will I have to go to another site for my consultations? 
Not if you don’t want to. Continuity of care is very important to us. You can continue to come to 19 Beaumont Street if you wish, but if it is more convenient, you will also be able to have appointments at the Botley site 

Will the changes mean it will be more difficult to get an appointment at 19 Beaumont St GP Surgery because there will be more registered patients? 
No. We will continue to monitor and review the appointment system and ensure patients have access to the care they need. We are actively recruiting for new staff and hope that many of the current Botley Medical Centre staff will become part of the 19 Beaumont Street Staff team. 

Are there plans to close either of the sites?  
No. Both 19 Beaumont St and Botley sites will remain open and seeing patients. 

Will I need to do anything if I am already registered at 19 Beaumont St GP Surgery? 
No.  Patients who are currently registered with Botley Medical Centre will automatically be merged into the existing database of 19 Beaumont St.  So the registration status of current patients will not change.  

If you have any queries or concerns please feel free to contact the practice by email at practicemanager.nbs@nhs.net