Support Staff

Practice Manager

Kate King
The Practice Manager is responsible for the business planning and overall running of the practice.


Operations Manager

Laurel Basciano
Laurel is an incredibly busy member of the team, responsible for the premises and day to day systems and workflows of the practice. 

HR Manager

Beau Papworth

Beau works closely with the Patient Services Manager to ensure the smooth and efficient running of our reception team. She also manages the Practices HR requirements.


Patient Services Manager

Christine Jacob
The Patients Services Manager is responsible for the smooth running of reception.  She is extremely knowledgeable about nearly all aspects of the practice.


Reception Staff

Receptionists are trained in signposting patients to the most appropriate person and place for their needs. They can arrange appointments, help facilitate repeat prescriptions and handle telephone call queries.  They are also available to pass on the results of investigations carried out in the practice. They deal with the new registration of patients or change of personal details.


Practice Secretaries

The Secretaries are responsible for typing and sending letters of referral or arranging Choose and Book log in details for patients to book their own referral appointments online.


Practice Administrators

The Practice Administrators have an essential and extremely varied role in ensuring the smooth running of the practice. They assist the Practice Business Manager.


Data Quality / Coding Administrators

The Data Quality and Coding Administrators help look after the clinical system (electronic patient record) used by the clinicians this includes ensuring letters are scanned in to patient notes and that new patient notes are summarised on arrival into the practice.